Supplier representation Service

What is supplier representation?
We support to identify customer needs from in-plant customer contact anytime and solve them. It is an urgent response service that enables immediate cost-effective by supporting instantly containment, sorting and rework, if necessary.

Companies using our Quality Representatives for their "eyes and ears" in their customer's plants are better able to resolve quality concerns before they become quality issues. In turn, they are better able to maintain healthy relationships with their customers.

DreamHill provides all services related your request including below:
ㆍContinuous information exchange with customer
ㆍIdentify proactive quality issues through monitoring
ㆍSupport Launch and Pilot Production
ㆍImmediate Customer Response at Customer plant

Benefits of Using Supplier representation Service
ㆍExpansion of quality control scope in customer plant
ㆍReduce costs of business trip/outing for quality issue resolution
ㆍPrevent your employee's Man hour loss and expect improvement of business
ㆍImprove customer support effect
ㆍFavorable evaluation expectation from increased customer satisfaction